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Thursday, April 26, 2018
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2019 New Rules Powerpoint

40 & 25 Second Play Clock Rules and Mechanics

Overtime Procedures

Incident Report - Online

If you have an ejection, or some other unusual event, please call Ray Willett at 916-204-2103 immediately after the game.

Within 24 hours, complete the online Incident Report Form, and submit it electronically.

2019 Calendar (April - December)

 General Meeting Moved to Wednesday 8/28 (Updated 8/15/19)

NCOA Mechanics Manual (Updated 2018)

2019 Classification Letter

NFHS Courses

Click this link to take the NFHS 100 question Certifiction test

Hard Copy of 2019 NFHS Test

All NCOA football officials are required to complete the Concussion Course and the Sportsmanship Course.

You will be linked to the NFHS Learning Center site where you can signup and take the Free Course.


2019 General Class Study & Philosophy Questions

(click on each link below)


Running Plays (for week of 7/15-18)


T1 Class (coming soon)



Off-Season Class #1 Questions (Week of 4/1/19)

Off-Season Class #2 Questions (Week of 4/15/19)

Off-Season Class #3 Questions (Week of 4/29/19)


Incident Report Form (old form - back-up)

Football Policies & Procedures

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