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Code of Conduct - NCOA

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CIF - Pursuing Victory With Honor Code of Conduct

This Code has been adopted by the Northern California Officials Association.  

Athletic competition of interscholastic age student-athletes should be fun and should also be a significant part of a sound educational program, embodying high standards of ehtics and sportsmanship while developing good character and other important life skills.  Essential elements of character building are intrinsic in the concept of sportsmanship and the six core ethical values: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and good citizenship (the Six Pillars of Character).  The highest potential of sports is achieved through the T.E.A.M. concept (Teaching, Enforcing, Advocating and Modeling these values) and by committing to the ideal of pursuing victory with honor.  Good-faith efforts to honor the words and spirit of this Code will improve the quality of our programs and the well-being of all sports participants.


* Trustworthiness - Always act so as to encourage and justify trust.  Look for opportunities to reinforce the meaning and importance of trustworthiness in players, coaches and parents/guardians.

* Integrity - Teach and model the importance of integrity by doing the right thing and making the right call even when the cost is high.  Admit  mistakes openly and honestly.  Enforce the rules as written, as faithfully as they can in a manner consistent with guidelines and interpretations of the rules committee.  

* Honesty - Be honest and demand honesty.  Do not engage in or permit dishonesty by lying, deception or omission.

* Reliability - Fulfill commitments.  Impress on players and coaches the values of promise keeping and reliability.  Demonstrate consistency in the way you enforce the rules throughout the seson and druing playoffs and championship games, regardless of the potential outcome of the game.


* Respect - Treat players, coaches and parents/guardians with respect and require the same of student-athletes and coaches.

* Courtesy - Encourage and, where appropriate, require athletes and coaches to treat opponents, teammates and others with respect and courtesy.

* Disrespectful Conduct - Seek to control the conduct of parents/guardians, spectators, coaches and players to prevent negative cheers, name-calling, insults, drinking or any other conduct inconsistent with positive atmosphere of character development.  Use porper authority to assure that rules against profanity, trash-talking, taunting, arguing calls and other forms of bad sportsmanship are consistently and strictly enforced.  Where appropriate, direct those responsible for game management to exercise control over spectators, bands and spirit groups.  

* Respect for Coaches - Listen to coaches and others who respectfully and in the appropriate setting wish to discuss the rules, interpretation of the rules or your control over the moral environment of the game.

* Sports Experience - Ensure that the sports experience is one of fun and enjoyment.  Correct  and instruct players in constructive ways.  Be generous with praise when it is deserved.

* Prejudice - Treat all players as individuals, appreciating  their diversity in skills, gender, ethnicity and race.  Never permit statements or acts of prejudice.


* Self Control - Exercise and demand self-control.  Do not fight, scream or otherwise demonstrate uncontrolled anger or frustration.  Do not permit players, coaches or spectators to display inappropriate anger.

* Grace - Encourage players and coaches to win and lose with grace and dignity.

* Accountability - Accept responsibility for your choices of both action and inaction.  Those in charge of assigning officials are responsible to: 1) Assure that those selected to officiate games are qualified, 2) Assure that officials receive training  and have been subjected to reasonable character screeening, and 3) adopt and enforce rules limiting the number of games an official can work in a specified time.


* Fair Play - Model and insist on fair play.  Make sure all teams compete honorably.

* Fair-Mindedness - Be open to the ideas, suggestions and opinions of others.

* Impartiality - Make all decisions fairly and treat all participants with impartiality.  Fair, consistent and competent officiating is essential to a quality basketball program that pormotes sportsmanship and fosters respect for the game and the development of good character.


* Concern for Others - Demonstrate concern for others.  Discourage selfishness.


* Play by the Rules - Strictly and consistently enforce all rules of the game.  Enforce game rules in a manner that advances the goals of sportsmanship, ethics and character building.




I accept the principles, responsibilities, and spirit of this Code of Conduct as the foundation and guide for my role as a high school sports official and a member in good standing of the Northern California Officials’ Association (NCOA).  I recognize that when I officiate I am participating in the educational development of high school students.

·         I accept responsibility for all actions I take in officiating an athletic contest.

·         I will not make false or misleading statements regarding my qualifications, rating, credentials, experience, training, or competence.

·         I will avoid anything that will lead to a conflict of interest, whether real or apparent.  I recognize that I must avoid gifts, favors, special treatment, privileges, employment, or a personal relationship with a school, team, or coach that can compromise the perceived impartiality of my performance and officiating.

·         I will voluntarily remove myself from any assignment where a real or perceived conflict of interest exists or may arise.

·         I will never use my position as an official to benefit myself.

·         I acceptand will maintain the basic tenets of officiating, which include integrity, neutrality, respect, sensitivity, professionalism, discretion, and tactfulness.

·         I will upholdthe honor and dignity of the officiating profession and the NCOA in all interactions with coaches, student-athletes, school administrators, colleagues, parents, and the public.

·         I will not criticize or comment upon the conduct or performance of another official in public or private.  I will offer my comments or criticism only through the procedures established by the NCOA.

·         I will master the rules of the game and the mechanics necessary to enforce the rules.

·         I will display and execute to the best of my ability superior communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal.

·         I willexercise my authority and enforce the rules in an impartial, firm and controlled manner.

·         I will prepare myself physically and mentally, dress neatly in the approved uniform, and conduct myself in manner consistent with the high standards of the NCOA.

·         I will be punctual and conduct myself in a professional manner when fulfilling my assignments.

·         I willnever participate in any form of illegal gambling on a sports contest and I will never gamble on any event involving high school athletics.

·         I will cooperate and work constructively with my fellow officials, the recognized leaders of my sport group, and the administration of the NCOA.

·         I will not participate in any action that is designed to unfairly limit or restrict access to officiating, officiating assignments, or association membership, including actions based on economic factors, race, color, age, sex, religion, or ethnic or national origin.

·         I will, while enforcing the rules of play, remain aware of the inherent risk of injury in each competition and I will educate myself to recognize the emergency conditions that may arise during the course of competition.



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