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Softball NCOA South

  • 12/14/2015


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    My Fellow Umpires

    As always it is the retention of all current members and the recruitment of  new umpires, recruiting is important to any sport not just softball, but if you know anyone please bring them or tell them about NCOA Softball, with that said here are the dates for  this years meetings. All meetings will be at Ceres High School. 

    Dec. 10th...... Monday 6pm 
    JAN. 7th........ Monday 6pm 
    Jan.  21st .....  Monday 6pm 
    Feb.  4th  .....  Monday 6pm  

    Satellite Meetings

    Frank, Ken, will be leading the meetings on 
    Monday nights in Modesto,  T,  Bruce and myself will be leading the satellite meetings on Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm at the Round Table Pizza in Manteca. These satellite meetings are designed to help out all umpires during the year and you will be credited for 2 hours for each meeting attended in full.

    Monday Meetings are being held at the Round Table at 1801 H street Suite B  from 7pm to 9pm


    Mon.  JAN.14th
    Mon.  Jan. 28th
    Mon.  Feb. 11th

    Wednesday Meetings are being held at the Round Table located at 253 Spreckles Avenue in Manteca at 6:30 PM

    Wed, Jan. 16th
    Wed. Jan. 30th
    Wed.  Feb.13th
    Wed.  Feb. 27th
    Wed.  Mar. 13th

    Your board is working hard to make 2019 a great and successful season for all umpires. 


    Gary Ulibarri  
    President 2019 

    The training materials will not be available to you unless your registration is complete (Books/Test)!

    The link below will take you to the registration page;

    Go to the tab - REGISTRATION

    On the top of the page you will find - Current Registrations

    You will find - Softball NCOA South (Modesto) Registration

    Complete all the pages; Personal information, Felony Question, Independent Contractor Agreement,

    General Information, Photo of you showing full head-shot and pay the training fee.

    If this is your first sport complete all steps and pay the $75 to complete your registration.

    If you are a multiple sport official reduced fees are applicable and your fee is $50

    This will also up-date all your Arbiter information.

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